Useful recovery resources

Think of this page as a handy dandy pocket list of some resources that I have found personally useful. This can be absolutely anything and everything and I’m very sure as time goes on this page will grow not only from myself but from input from you guys, my readers.

Facebook support groups:

Recovery (anxiety, addiction, panic disorders, PTSD, etc. – – This group is more focused on recovery and supporting eachother through recovery. It’s a wonderful little group and the person who runs the group is beyond lovely and has been supporting this blog.

Good for me – – This one is run by Julia Kristina a certified counsellor and whilst it’s not a group aimed at getting counselling. It’s a support group where members can reach out to each other for support and advice. It’s a very lovely group and I am pleasured to be in it.

Radical transformation project – – This group is run by a blogger named Faith Mariah. It’s a wonderful, empowering support group where people can turn to each other for support and advice. Faith even does group activities like book club, positivity challenges. It’s a group I’d highly recommend.

Depression support group – – This group is wonderful. It has a hard working admin/moderator team who are vigilantly approving posts and working within that support community. It’s a group I’ve turned to a few times on my darkest of times and they’ve all been amazing at responding and reaching out to you when you’re needing the help.

Anxiety, Depression and mental health support group. – – This group are also a wonderful group I have turned to when I’ve needed help. Just like the others they are very active and the guys and girls on here are always happy to support eachother. However, the posts aren’t approved like the other group so there may be more triggering posts in this group than the previous one mentioned.

Youtube channels:

Julia Kristina – I’m not going to mention Julia’s group without mentioning her YouTube channel. She’s a counsellor herself who talks about mental health. Again, she’s down to earth and talks on a very easy to understand level. She discusses things like what anxiety makes you do, what you can do to manage getting triggered and angry. What self sabotage is and so much more. I was watching her for a while before I found out she had that facebook support group and I couldn’t be more grateful for both of her outlets that I’ve come across.

Kati Morton – – Kati is a counsellor who covers loads of different topics such as about going to therapy, different disorders, trauma, signs and symtoms. There’s so much. She’s collaborated with other YouTubers and I can’t rate her videos enough. She’s very informative, down to earth. She seems genuinely lovely and easy to understand and I’ve really enjoyed and related to her videos. I’ll admit when I’m down and confused.. her videos have comforted me especially the one which was about a post someone made about your mental illness being for attention.

Authentic mental health – – I’ll admit, I haven’t watched this channel anywhere near like I have watched the others. However, it still is very informative and helpful in explaining different things around mental health.

Undefined Therapy – – This YouTube channel is ran by Rashawnda Carey, a licensed therapist. Her videos have been really down to earth and insightful. She talks about different ways to cope and manage your mental health. She discusses therapy and self care and has some very interesting ideas when it comes to your input with your recovery. I’ve genuinely enjoyed her videos and I honestly think you would too.

Self help books / books about mental illness:

Matt Haig – Reasons to stay alive. – This book at the moment is my all time favourite. I currently am loaning it as an eBook from my library.. I will definitely be buying a copy to keep and read when I am down. It’s very down to earth. Very relateable and he explains how he came to understand he was ill, what it was like and his recovery. I very much love giving this a read when I’m confused and upset. I cannot recommend this one enough to anyone who wants a more down to earth read.

It can be bought here on the UK Amazon site –

Dr. Tim Cantopher – Depressive Illness, The curse of the strong. – Now this book. This book I adore! It’s written by a psychiatrist and it’s written in the most down to earth, easy to understand way. This book was eye opening. He talks about depression and links it to examples. He also explains different things that may be used to help with recovery and even with how to maintain positive mental health afterwards. This was a loan from the local library and is very high on my list of ones to buy! I cannot recommend this one enough!

It can be bought here on the UK Amazon site –

Seth Swirsky – 21 ways to a happier depression. – This book has some good ideas on what you can do to help yourself with your depression. Some of which I can see being really helpful and of which I will be discussing in posts on this blog.

It can be bought here on the UK Amazon site –

Paul Gilbert – Overcoming Depression. – This one, is an interesting read. It’s pretty down to earth and explains about depression and ways to overcome it. The book itself also has activities you can do in order to help understand and overcome your mental illness. It’s not been one that I have stuck to as I feel I am very early into my recovery. I do feel, once I’m further along the line.. I may come back to this.

It can be bought here on the UK Amazon site –

Misc websites resources: – This goes without saying. If it wasn’t for wordpress and this blog, I wouldn’t actually have such a positive outlet. If you’re into writing or anything and want to showcase it. Yeah, WordPress is your guy.