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Ensuring you get the help you need!

Okay, firstly. Yes I said once a week… but since I’m feeling productive I’ll push a bit more.

Secondly, this post is more geared towards aiding you in getting the help you need. Giving you advice from my personal experience and things that I have learned along the way so far.

But they’re the professionals they know what’s wrong!

woman scream getting help

While, yes, this is very true. They are professionals in mental health. However, mental illnesses are very broad and experiences differ for everyone there is no one size fits all model. I’ve said this time and time again… what works for one person may not work for another and vice versa.

They may place your symptoms to things that may not actually be the reason behind your problems but are a symptom of the problem causing the thing they’re placing your issues on.

Take me for example… When I was going through the worst of my low time recently.. my mental health team blamed my lack of sleep as something that was causing it. Whilst, I knew it wasn’t… I felt too scared to tell them straight no. I know my mind, the lack of sleep is BECAUSE of it.

Now that’s not to say sleep won’t help the symptom but… I needed real help for what was going on in my head.

What I did from there? Well firstly I went to the CMHT to talk about it, I accepted all the help. I went to A&E cause it wasn’t lessening. I spoke to my CPN on the monday as he pushed for my psych appointment. I opened up that day about it still being there and then again when I saw him again before the appointment. During my psych appointment I opened up.

You know what happened? She asked me questions like what I felt I needed.. how I feel my meds are or are not helping and she even discussed a plan going forward. Which for me, was the most helpful thing going. Knowing that she was going to listen to me when I state the medication isn’t working or that I need extra help.

For example: My dosage of mitrazipine is now 45mg, since 30mg has done nothing. If in a few weeks, I feel the same she may up it again and if that doesn’t work theres another medication she already has in mind that she will try me on. My sleeping medication wasn’t working so she’s tried me on something else which isn’t doing much at the moment and we will discuss that. Plus, she stated she’d make me an appointment for next month. Lo and behold, I had the appointment letter in the mail on Saturday! She’s listening and she’s putting action in.

To get that far I had to push for my help. I had to be open and honest and state even if it felt like it’s wrong to do so that my medication is doing nothing for me. On that note, if you’re on a medication that isn’t helping… SPEAK UP! Medication just like therapy, just like everything else isn’t a one size fits all thing and they will try different doses and medications until they find something that helps you.

You need to keep pushing them as hard as it is.

talking image getting help

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. In order to get the help you feel you need you need to keep pushing them. If you’re under a CPN, keep phoning them. Keep pursuing them stating how much you are struggling. If you’re as bad as I was… do what I did. Turn up, ask to see the duty worker if need be. They won’t turn you away, they can’t turn you away.

Firstly, you’ll be in a safe place so you won’t be able to harm yourself. Secondly they’ll physically see how much distress you are in!

I NEVER show my emotions but when I saw them? I broke down crying because of how distressed I became with my thoughts and feelings. I broke down to the other psych in A&E and then I broke down again to my actual psych.

These things happen. You are not bugging them, you are not putting them out. You are not doing anything bad. It is their job to help you and if you are distressed or feel you need the support then go get it! Keep pushing for it!

It’s not easy to do when you are feeling low and distressed I know, believe me. I know. However, you will benefit from it. If you need it, you need it so go get it!

They’re asking me for what I think will help?

research image getting help

They will! They want to know if you think anything will help you. If you have been given some ideas from bloggers, family, friends whatever then suggest it. The worst that will happen is they will explain how it may not benefit you and say no because of that.

I’ve never known what to ask for. I’ll put my hands up here and say when it comes to my mental health I have no clue what will help me!

If you don’t know that’s okay too! Tell them! They will discuss with you what’s in place, any ideas they have and put in referrals where needed.

My CPN has been a godsend with escillating my refferal to the place where the therapy I’m going to try from normal to urgent after this whole low mess I’ve had. They did have an appointment, unfortunately for a time I couldn’t do and the person doing it was sick so I’m still waiting on that refferal now and that’s nobody’s fault.

Look, if you have no idea, do what I’m going to start doing. Research your symptoms and things, therapies, groups whatnot that have helped others. So when I’m asked again, I can start talking about these when I’m not as distressed as I have been and see what they think.

What’s the worst that can happen?

You can do this despite how much the negativity in your head will tell you otherwise

journey image getting help

Being unwell, isn’t fun. It’s not easy especially when you feel alone. The mental illness will convince you that you can’t do this, that you’re not worth helping and that people don’t believe you.


You CAN do this, you ARE worth helping and people DO believe you.

It’s an uphill struggle, and those who have been through this will tell you that. It’s easy to feel lost along the way, recovery is a journey and not a race. It’s one step forward two steps backwards sometimes but in the end you’ll get there. You’ll be at a point where you can cope, where you feel like you again and will be able to maintain good mental health on your own accord.

Just don’t give up. It takes time and work but it will be worth all the fighting, pushing and tears. You will look back on this and realise how much of a strong person you are for working so hard to feel the way you will feel at the end of it all.

If you need some support in the meantime please do check out my support and resource pages.

Even though I state it on my support page, Elefriends is an amazing peer to peer support site which I frequent alot. Everyone is so lovely and understanding and will help you as much as they can. It’s run by Mind. So if it’s out of hours or the weekend and you need some form of support.. check them out!

If it makes it any better… I believe you can do it… and I am here for you.

getting help and breathe

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– Gem


18 thoughts on “Ensuring you get the help you need!

  1. I think this is such an important message – don’t stop until you get the help you need. I can’t believe some people are still being so negative about mental health these days 😦

    Louise x


  2. I am a big believer that we know our bodies best and sometimes doctors/professionals can be a little too entrenched in the literature to take our own feelings into account. Good for you for pushing though – not all of us can do that!
    C x


  3. I’m so pleased your team are listening to you and understanding what you need. The mental health services can be so frustrating, and you’re right not every method / medication works for every patient. You are the best person to know what you need and it’s great they seem to be moving towards that way of working now. I hope the increased dosage helps you get some sleep soon.


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